Experiences from a conference in Tallinn

WP_20151119_001With a sense of apprehension in the air as to whether or not I would recognise any of my fellow peers, I stood silently waiting in the early hours of the morning at the Helsinki ferry terminal. Soon after, I was greeted by a smiley looking teacher, who asked whether or not I was ”Martyn?”, to which I greeted with a nervous ”Yes”. During the ferry journey to Tallinn we discussed in the group about programming related topics, such as developers perceptions of MVC or the benefits of developing in a functional manner. I have to say that was truly an informative experience.

”Something which I hadn’t researched myself”

Once safely docked at the Tallinn terminal, we made our way to the hotel, briefly learning about the history of the city as we made of way through the streets. Unfortunately not much time was spent in the city due to our tight schedule. Upon arriving at the hotel we made our way quickly to the registration booth, in which a friendly, well spoken individual explained today’s events and that we were very much welcome to help ourselves to refreshments, whilst waiting for the current speeches to finish.

WP_20151119_004Throughout the days events, I attended five out of the six planned speeches. Out of the five I attended, I have to say two really struck a chord with me, in that the speakers were not only articulate in the subject they were talking about, but the topic itself was just generally interesting and something which I hadn’t researched myself or at least thought about in great depth.

One speaker of whom I found interesting, was Etiene Dalcol, an engineering student from Brazil and founder of the Lua MVC framework known as Sailor. The topic which she presented was about the programming language known as Lua. Up until now I had only known about Lua in the gaming industry and as the plugin language for SciTE, a multi-lingual text editor. She had passion for the language which really showed in her presentation. So much so that I came away with a sense of new appreciation for Lua and wishing to delve deeper into this unfamiliar and misunderstood language.

”It also helped that those I traveled with had the exact same passion and enthusiasm for programming as I did”

WP_20151119_015As this was the first tech conference I had attended, I have to say it was thoroughly enjoyable. Though we didn’t spend too much time in the city, this in no way affected the days proceedings. It also helped that those I traveled with had the exact same passion and enthusiasm for programming as I did.


Martyn Birch

Student, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

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